Art deco bakelite lidded glass box [sold]

Art deco glass box bakelite lid20s bakelite lidded glass box
made in Australia

Today’s item is a moulded glass container with yellow bakelite lid. The art deco styling to this container is unmistakable, as is the seamed, chunky glass cruciform shape. The container is unmarked; while the lid has only ‘Made in Australia’ in relief on the underside of the bakelite lid.

These lidded containers came in a variety of colours- a blue, red, green- and this yellow. The containers were produced for the living room- to display foodstuffs that didn’t require an airtight seal- sweets or chocolates after a meal perhaps.

It would be lovely to have a full set of the four coloured containers, but in the meanwhile this one is for sale. It’s getting harder to find bakelite-lidded containers in such good condition; particularly yellow bakelite which can fade and mottle over time.

For sale: $AUD45

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