Styling with ‘Fat Lava’

Fat lava vase60s West German vase

I did NOT like this vase at all when my partner bought it. But – as soon as she styled it with a vintage Travant car of the same age and those contemporary candles- I was converted.

It’s all in the colour tones. How good does the vase look with the two different greens next to it? My partner is a whiz with colour and mixing and matching forms -in ways that I am not.

‘Fat lava’ West German vases are often chunky, and garish of colour and form- but they look fantastic grouped together in a tonal or shape theme. Or as here- singly with contrasting forms and materials. I think the timber table also helps- the brown tones are picked up in the vase.

3 thoughts on “Styling with ‘Fat Lava’

  1. I kind of like Trabis, but these vases, hm… We have the nice word “gewöhnungsbedürftig” for such things in German (meaning ” in need of getting used to”).
    The candles with built in candle holders are a funny idea. Did you get those in Germany as well?

    • nannus- i have indeed become used to the vase-.perhaps i am part-german. the candles are australian designed- they are pretty funky and need no getting used to.

      • I have seen one like these before, but I don’t remember exactly wheere, if my mother had it or my aunt maybe. In any case, I did not really get used to it (that word is kind of an euphemism 😉 ). In any case, these are subjective ratings.

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