60s homemaker

60s vinyl peg bagVinyl peg bag
made in Australian c.1960s

For your great delight, dear readers- a 60s vinyl handmade peg bag. Sporting the classic 60s colours of brown & orange and featuring daisies- the peg bag comes with an integrated vinyl covered clothes hanger. This was the height of fashion in the 60s- and it is in good condition and ready to do duty on the clothes line today.

Of course- the peg bag is so stylish that it would also feature hung on a wall- as in my image- to store or display all manner of things. Retro peg bags are making somewhat of a comeback at the moment- Etsy and Ebay are full of ‘em!

The peg bag is for sale: $AUD35

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3 thoughts on “60s homemaker

  1. This would be something that I would find in a damp basement in Michigan, USA. Discolored, moldy and misshaped. LOL! Clothes pins would of been its only job, holding clothes pins in the laundry room.

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