Drafting nostalgia

Technical scales [1920-30s]Martin’s technical scales, made in Australia c.1930s Eyre & Spottiswoode Publishers Ltd draughtsman’s set of cardboard scales, made in London c.1920s Back in the early part of my career- when drawing was still done by hand – drawing instruments were beautifully designed and made. My scale ruler was plastic overlain bamboo, and it was forbidden to use it as a mere ruler- to draw straight lines- as the ink deteriorated the edge and the scales became illegible. One had to use a set square or a parallel rule to draw straight lines. I confess to loving scales- it’s something to do with the detail and their mechanical nature, and of course nostalgia…these days all my drawing is digital and one rarely uses physical scale rules. Both sets of cardboard scales are complete, having a series of scales from A – H, and come in their original boxes. Cardboard scales were used before plastic came into wider use, and it’s rare to find complete sets which aren’t too battered. The British set of scales was owned by one F. Gelburn, who attended the British Institute of Engineering Technology [beautiful cursive writing on the label of the box!] If you are a scale nut like me, I also have some fantastic old timber scales- where different timbers are used for the various scales- also from the 20s. I haven’t photographed these yet but they will appear in a subsequent post. I also have a couple of slide scales…they have been featured on the blog previously. These technical scales are for sale: $AUD75 Buy Now

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