50s pixy plantersPixies!
made in Japan c 1950s

Pixies; like swans and Mexican hats- nothing says 50s like pixies!

Here we have a pair of pixie planters and a free roaming pixy on a wave-rider [where waver-riders even around in the 50s?] All pixies have matching outfits, overlarge ears and cutsie-pie faces. All were made in Japan for the European export market.

Ok, so we’re back into kitsch territory. I fully acknowledge that the reason I now embrace pixies is that all my friends had them growing up – but they were considered by my parents to be ‘common’. So -in equal measures- parental defiance and nostalgia contribute to my current interest.

The pixie in the planter on the right has lost some hand-applied paint…I like to think that’s due to some LUCKY child in the 50s rubbing the pixy for good luck- like a kinda kitschy buddha. The rest of the planter is in good condition and ready for a nice little succulent to grow in it.

The pixie planters are for sale: $AUD60 [and I’ll throw in the wave-riding pixy for free!]

Buy Now

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