Vintage posy vases

Vintage 30s posy vasesVintage posy vases
made in Bristol, England c 1930s

I can’t find the maker for this pair of 30s vases. They are embossed ‘Bristol, ENG 4’ on the base so the place of manufacture is evident, but not the maker. They are typically 30s vases due to the decorative method: hand painted, asymmetrical and different designs were applied directly to the bisque fired surface. The 30s was all about art deco, with hand-produced, ‘naturalistic’ overtones. These vases illustrate the interest in abstraction and variation of the patterned design.

Pairs of vases are unusual, and this pair is in very good condition. The abstract painted forms are as vibrant as when they were first applied. The vases were inherited and so have only had two owners, who took great care of them. If anyone can tell me the maker, that would be great.

The vases are for sale: $AUD90

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