McCredie teapot [sold]

McCredie teapot, 1940sMcCredie teapot
made in Sydney, Australia c.1930s

I have posted McCredie pottery before- I collect McCredie due to her fine credentials: Nell McCredie was an architect before she opened her pottery studio in Sydney in 1932 to make fine art pottery by hand. She continued to produce pottery right up to her death in 1968, and she was a vocal advocate for her pottery being considered ‘fine art’.

McCredie pottery made vases and domestic ware – often with the distinctive pastel glaze as seen in this image. The forms are all simple and strong, quite different to the fussy forms of other 30s and 40s pottery.

Each piece is signed by hand- by Nell’s hand: “McCredie NSW.” That’s how to tell you have a genuine McCredie. Very few teapots have survived due to the fragile nature of the spout and lids –and this is reflected in the sale price. Since this image was taken I have added a matching cup and saucer to the set; let me know if you are interested in seeing/buying it as part of this collection.

This McCredie collection is for sale: $AUD175

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