Styling with vintage vases

vintage Newtone vases

Newtone vases, made in Sydney Australia 1920-1930s

Here is a collection of my partner Trish’s vases. She collects vintage Australiana while I collect kitschy Australiana. And I totally agree that 20s ceramics – with that art deco styling- are fantastic. Newtone experimented with aspects of ‘Australian’ colours- if not forms- earlier than most Sydney potters. This is serious art pottery- none of your whimsical, populist, mass-produced stuff.

These three vases are styled with a range of Australian flowers. And fruit for healthiness. And a vintage map. I think Trish will approve. I never know until she reads my blog posts- at the same time you do!

8 thoughts on “Styling with vintage vases

  1. Lovely vases, and you certainly have some more exotic and impressive looking flowers than here in the UK! Mind you, it is winter here now, so nature is looking fairly bloom-free at the moment- thank you for sharing yours!

  2. Hello friend! Love the vases. I have quite a collection of American pottery. I collect planters of all shapes, colors and sizes. Something joyous about flowers and plants! Because the gorgeous pieces of art don’t have drainage holes, my plants don’t always do well for long term. Alas, I do not care too much! They look good in my sunroom even for a short time! Not to mention, I’m too addicted to both plants and pottery to change a thing.

    • hallo long lost friend…where have you been? i expect you have been up to much and far too busy to post. but thanks for your comment- can’t have too much flowers or art!

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