40s Australiana

Pates basket potsPates baskets,
made in Sydney, Australia 1940s

Pates Pottery operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990; so a similar period to Diana pottery. Pates was slower to develop an Australian response to the design and colouring of its pieces and was still producing baskets and swans well into the 50s. These baskets, with their twisted handles, seemed to have been produced all over the world.

Pates used a ‘drip-glaze’ method on most of their pieces and indeed one way to spot a Pates piece is by its mottled colouring. I have collected many Pates pieces- and some of these pieces have made it onto this blog.

The three baskets look great together as an ensemble: here they are showcasing wattle- another Australian iconic flower. They are for sale: $AUD55

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