70s glassware [sold]

Dartington Avocado Dressing Servers
made in Torrington, North Devon England 1971

These glass vinaigrette servers [#FT146] were designed by Frank Thrower in 1970 and produced in 1971. They are handmade- as happened in the 70s- and they’re avocado-shaped, and come in their original [quite funky] box.

Frank Thrower designed a number of condiment servers based around the avocado- you might have seen his avocado serving bowls. The vinaigrette servers were made to accompany them. Frank is so famous he has a blog dedicated to him: frankthrower.blogspot.com. I seen these servers [used, without the box] for sale on Ebay for $35.

The Dressing Servers are as new- never been out of the box, and are for sale: $AUD25. Perfect for the retro- 70s- table setting.

4 thoughts on “70s glassware [sold]

  1. I live only a few miles away from Dartington (in Devon, UK), and they still produce their luxury glassware! I think I actually prefer these 1970s pieces, they are a lot less fussy than some of the modern pieces.

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