Old school lomography

70s cameras- Hanimex 110TF & Polaroid ZipHanimex 110TF camera, made in Hong Kong 1970s
Polaroid Zip Land camera, made in USA 1970s

These old cameras are both perfect for lomography. The Hanimex ‘chocolate bar’ camera comes in its original box, with original 110 film and manual. The camera features a built-in-flash[!] and has a tele-lens converter- that is the lens moves from 25mm to 43mm. This camera was the height of sophistication in the 70s and now features in the Museum of Design in Plastics [MODIP] in the UK- see: www.modip.ac.uk. It also features on Oskar’s classic camera trials: a must for all budding lomographists- see- www.classiccameratrials.com

Meanwhile, the Polaroid Zip is also a beauty- what Polaroid isn’t? It uses 80 series film which is a square format no longer available. But the good folks on Instructables have posted how to convert 100 series film [larger and rectangular in shape] to 80 series. Bingo- lomography project! See: www.instructables.com

Great for an unusual Christmas present- or the budding lomographer who wants to do it old style, these cameras are ‘as new’ and are for sale: $AUD135

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