60s slide projector

Elmo slide projectorElmo slide projector CV
made in Japan 1960

Looking like a cross between a space ship and a mix-master- this slide projector is the quintessential expression of 60s machinery.

Elmo-the ‘Electricity Light Machine Organisation’ [a very futuristic name, especially when said in a robotic voice] was founded in 1921 and made its first projector in 1936. They are still in production today.

This slide projector is pristine- it comes in a plastic case and its original box, has a working bulb and has been tested and tagged. It has a bakelite switch and plug [adding considerably to its charm] – and a single feed slide changer. The body of the projector slides open to accept the slide changer- it’s quite simply beautifully engineered and made.

For all your futuristic slide night needs- the projector is for sale: $AUD125

Buy Now

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