Chrome kookaburras

Perfection Safe-Tee dishPerfection Safe-Tee Way Dish
made in Australia, 1950s

My partner collects kookaburras and has wanted a Safe-Tee dish for a long time. She, like me, will not buy/collect anything to do with smoking….and we had both assumed this was a card or pin dish promoting some 50s company called ‘Safe-Tee’.

So it was a joyous moment when we found the said ‘pin dish’ – a little dint in the chrome, but otherwise in good condition. I figured the kookaburra’s open beaks would hold business cards…but a little research later and of course- they were designed to hold cigarettes. It’s an ashtray by a company called Safe-Tee. Oh the irony. Of course, one can repurpose, and so one will. It’s a business card holder now. And still much treasured.

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