Fowler Ware [sold]

Fowler Ware bowl & jugFowler Ware mixing bowl & jug
made in Australia, c.1940s

Fowler Ware first began producing industrial pottery in Glebe, Sydney in the 1840s. After WWII, Fowler Ware moved to producing pottery for the domestic market : their pudding bowls were so popular that they opened a second pottery to cope with the demand.

Fowler Ware is now very collectible and becoming harder to obtain: particularly so the mixing bowls with pouring lip. The domestic ware was produced in a range of classic 40s colours: green, yellow, grey, crimson, blue and white. Here we have a large mixing bowl and matching jug in the pastel yellow. The two are a pair- both have matching incised rings around the base.

I’ve teamed the Fowler Ware pieces with a perspex board from an old reprographics factory – I like the framing qualities of the font board- as well as the yellow letters.

The mixing bowl & jug are for sale: $AUD75

2 thoughts on “Fowler Ware [sold]

  1. Thank you for the information you provide on makers and manufacturers, its always interesting, especially as being in the UK I often haven’t heard of the names that you feature. I really like the simple, squat shapes of this bowl and jug pair: it’s amazing the pouring lips are chip-free on such functional pieces!

    • thanks for your lovely reply- i’m intersted in the history of these old pieces as well as their design qualities. i try to collect only entire pieces- and it is harder to find intact bowls without chips to the lips.

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