60s realism serving plate

Oven Master plate, 1960sOven Master plate,
made in Australia, 1960s

I have posted many ‘realism’ plates from Japan – but this is the first plate I have come across that was made here in Australia. Nothing says ‘60s’ like radish, boiled egg and a prawn!

I particularly like the shadow graphic for each item- and the fine gilt edge to the plate. The plate can be displayed either way up- you’ll notice the radish has an opposite shadow to the egg and prawn. This is all class, people! And on the back of the plate is the inscription:

Oven To Table
Oven Master, Australia

so one can use the plate happily in the oven and then serve a dish of Pad Thai [ok- I googled the ingredients- radish, egg, prawn!]

The plate is in good condition and is for sale: $AUD55

Buy Now

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