60s pottery

Brixham PotteryBrixham Pottery
made in Devon, England 1960-1979

A pair of Brixham Pottery pieces- creamer and sugar bowl- in the ‘Interlocking Circles’ design. This design was produced in both mustard yellow and the ‘avocado green’ we see in this set.

This earthenware design was produced from the early sixties to the late 70s- a twenty year run due to its popularity. A teapot completed the set—but as to this date I have not come across one.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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2 thoughts on “60s pottery

  1. I live near Brixham in Devon, so often come across this type of local pottery, and have taken it for granted in the past- your post from the other side of the world will make me look twice when I see pieces like this in the future!

  2. australia traditionally gets a lot of pottery from mother england – we are after all still a colonial state…so we’re used to it. but it must be fantastic to live in an area that actually produces the pottery. if you see any more brixham potterry – let me know!

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