60s Denby tea set

Denby_Langley 'Canterbury' potteryDenby-Langley ‘Canterbury’ pottery
made in England 1960s

Denby has been producing pottery since the early 1800s- and continues to this day. This set – so quintessently 60s, was designed by Gill Pemberton, a potter working for Denby but working out of the Langley pottery just at the time it was taken over by Denby. Gill is well remembered for her innovative and radical designs and for pushing the rather conservative Denby pottery well into the 60s.

I collected each piece of this set individually. It started with the teapot, which is quite small – more like a ceremonial Japanese teapot- from which it takes its cues. I don’t normally warm to brown tones but the form and concentric rings of the teapot won me over.

The jug, sugar and fruit bowl have the same colourings and concentric rings- and the same pared down form. The ‘Canterbury’ design is an example of the late modernism of the 60s anticipating the hippy-earthiness of the 70s. And doing it with consummate style;  any brown pottery that looks good on a timber table must be doing something right!

This set is in excellent condition and is for sale: $AUD135

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