50s Poole vase

Poole 'wave' vasePoole ‘Wave’ vase
made in England 1950s

An experiment in styling: a beautiful 50s ‘wave’ vase by Poole with a reproduction glass vase. The old and the new together; ceramic and glass. And pink tulips; a gift from my partner.

The twintone Poole vase was designed by Alfred Read in the 50s – as part of Poole’s ‘Freedom’ range. This range saw asymmetric forms created in the same colour range as existing pieces – so one could introduce a bit of funkiness without going completely crazy. A little bit of modernism could creep into your conservative tea service!

This vase is stamped C97 which indicates a vase in the ‘peach bloom’ [pink interior] and ‘seagull’ [mottled grey exterior] colouring. I have other examples of this ‘twintone’ [Poole’s descriptor] – tea cups and saucers – elsewhere on my blog. The pastel shades of the powder pink and muted grey are such classic 50s colours – but I love how this free-form shape starts to anticipate the 60s.

The wave vase is in great condition, and is for sale: $AUD70

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