30s kitchenalia

Skyline kitchen utensilsSkyline kitchen utensils
made in England c.1930-1940s

These kitchen utensils are all timber handled [with the exception of the chip cutter in the middle.] Skyline utensils were imported to Australia post war, with the selling point that the handles were colour-coded to describe their function. From L to R : knife sharpener, potato mashed, crinkle-cut chip cutter, pizza cutter, egg whisk, pastry blender.

The utensils are still going strong, the stainless steel blades and whisks equal to modern utensils- and so could be used in today’s kitchens. They are also highly collectible.

This set is for sale: $AUD60

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6 thoughts on “30s kitchenalia

    • your grandma was evidently very stylish! isn’t it amazing what details one remembers from childhood- i remember them too (my british parents bought their set out with them when they settled in sydney)- which is why i like them now so much.

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