Retro compass sets

Retro compass setsJaywess compass set, made in England 1940s
Conti compass set, made in Australia 1950s

Following on from my last post [retro drafting stencils] – here are more objects from the forgotten world of drafting by hand. Bow Compasses and Plane Dividers; used [last century] to draw arcs and circles and to measure distances on scale maps and drawings.

When drawing circles, one inevitably ended up with a hole in the drawing, where the central point of the compass was placed. And then that hole printed as a dark blob. So one inevitably drew the tip of the circle’s radius arrow over the hole in the hope that it would be disguised. One inevitably failed.

Both sets come in their original – somewhat bashed about- leather cases. The Jaywess set has rather more pieces than slots in the case…but you can imagine in a busy drawing office one didn’t have time to fit things back and so a few extras have crept in. These were working instruments who have given their all in service to drawing… but those compass points are still sharp as ever!

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