60s – the world as we knew it

Earth and Moon GlobesReader’s Digest Earth and Lunar globes
made in USA, c. 1960s

Here we have two globes – Earth and the Moon, and an accompanying Atlas [not photographed, but part of the collection.] The earth globe has a teak base, brass orbiting arms, and it features raised mountains. The lunar globe is metal, and sits on a plastic ‘crater’ base [difficult to capture in this image, it’s out of shot.]

The Moon globe is inscribed with the [then know] lunar features and the moon landing sites. It is [hilariously] way out of scale with the earth globe, but obviously necessarily so.

The lunar globe is a little discoloured in places – it’s had a long hard life due to the fascination we all have with the moon and its places. The earth globe and atlas are in top order.

For sale: $AUD175 [including 1960 Atlas]

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