Retro golf tumblers

Retro golf tumblers40s novelty golf tumblers
made in Australia

For the golf tragics out there- here’s the perfect retro item: novelty golf tumblers. The transfer illustrations indicate [I assume] various golfing techniques on the front and the back features a fully equipped golf bag. The whole shebang is topped off with a gilt edge: these glasses are all class!

And aren’t those guys dapper in their hats? It would be better if they were wearing plus-fours, but you can’t have everything.

The tumblers are as-new, go ahead and click on the image for an enlarged view. They are for sale: $AUD40

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7 thoughts on “Retro golf tumblers

  1. I remember we had one glass with some transfer picture on it (not golf) but I don’t remember what that was. Transfer pictures(calle “Abziehbilder” in German) seem to have been common in the 60s, they where something that was there during my childhood and I never came accros it later again. Or maybe that was something specifically made for children?

    • my partner collects 40s and 50s australian tumblers- with transfer prints. did you have them?- they contained spreads [peanut butter, etc] and had a metal lid. once finished, the ‘jar’ became a collectible drinking glass. so we have koalas, kanagaroos, australian flora- all in garish primary colours.

  2. I inherited some transfer glasses from my grandparents – they have ‘pin up’ girls on the front but when you look through the glass from the other side they appear in their underwear!

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