Bung jars

Bung jarsBung jars
Doulton Lambeth, made in England 1858-1910

This is my partner’s latest collection- bung jars- so called because a cork lid was ‘bunged’ into the top to seal the jar. Doulton Lambeth made domestic salt glazed stoneware and these date from 1858-1910 as indicated by the markers mark incised in the side of the jar.

Also incised is the holding capacity- 3P [pints] – and sometimes the goods stored in the jars. Stoneware is excellent for keeping preserves and has good thermal qualities- so foodstuffs remained stable inside. The jars were never intended to be ornamental, purely functional; you can see the way glaze has been applied- but even so there is a ring of incised decoration to most jars. Most bung jars found nowadays have chips and cracks from their hard life; however we have managed to collected jars without faults.

The jars look fantastic massed together, and make great vases [the big one is an excellent umbrella stand.] And –because of the brown tones- I think the jars look great on timber.

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