Bakelite roulette wheel

Duperite bakelite roulette wheelDuperite bakelite roulette wheel
made in Australia c.1950s

How do you combine your love of bakelite with your penchant for gambling? With a bakelite roulette wheel. [Catalogue No. 1324/1, to be precise.] This beautiful roulette wheel hasn’t been out of its box- it is in pristine condition although its box has seen some wear and tear. It comes with a printed green felt baize [not pictured] and a little timber ball ~which was still taped to the wheel when I bought the set.

I have other bakelite items made by Duperite [see posts below] an Australian bakelite company that made, as well as domesticware, lawn bowls and -apparently- roulette wheels. I must have been the only person who didn’t have one at home as a child…everyone I have shown this roulette wheel to has exclaimed that they remember having one! That might explain why 1] I am so attracted to it [pure envy] and 2] why it elicits such nostalgic sighs from my friends.

The roulette wheel is in excellent condition, and comes in its original box with baize and timber ball- For sale: $AUD125

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2 thoughts on “Bakelite roulette wheel

    • isn’t it fabulous? even if you don’t gamble there’s some fascinating about spinning the wheel which glides around forever- and the little ball bounces crazily everywhere. hours of family fun!

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