1920s figurines

1920s Japanese figurines1920s figurines
made in Japan

These figurines originally served as pin cushions: a stuffed velvet piece billowed out from the hollow section for you to place pins. The velvet is long gone and now these cutsie-pie figurines can hold all manner of stuff. They were made for the western export market- and as such- are now highly collectible.

The pair of pigs are pulling barrows and the mouse a pram. Their wild, exaggerated eyes remind me of anime- surely they were precursors? It’s rare to find a pair of anything quite so old [over 90 years old if you think about it] – and although I am not a big fan of figurines I find I do have an affinity for these – I think it’s the anime association. [Yes, ok, it could also be the kitsch, cutsie-pie association.]

The set of three is for sale: $AUD75

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