Upcycled koala cushionsKoala cushions
made from vintage Australian linen

Following from my recent post, here are a few more upcycled cushions- made by my own fair hand. Koalas! Koalas from the years 1969 and 1983. Nothing says Australian retro like a nice old koala – and these linen tea towels have never been used [for the usual, obviously. They have however been used to make cushion covers.]

The cushions are sized to take a 400 x 400mm insert [15.7 x 15.7 inches.] They are fully washable and would make a great gift- especially if the calendar date or koalas in general have a particular association for someone. Think zoo-keeper born in 1969, for example.

The cushion covers are for sale: $AUD40 each

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12 thoughts on “Koalas

  1. Koalas! When I was 4 I lived in Australia (1969-71) and I still have a few of the “Stuffed” koalas my mom but me. They were real koala fur if I am not mistaken! These are pretty neat! Bring back memories!

    • hi laurie- i know those real-fur koalas- i think they are actually kangaroo fur. how fantastic that in 1969 you were in australia- to think you may have seen that tea towel in someone’s kitchen!

  2. Love the idea of using novelty tea towels as cushion covers – it would be a shame to have them hanging unloved and unseen from the oven door. It makes you appreciate the design in a totally different way!

    • thanks- totally agree with you. the graphics are SO wonderful that they are wasted on such utilitarian objects like tea towels. and the linen and printing colours are so robust they make great re-purposing projects.

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