70s vintage

70s vintageVintage styling – 70s style

A fantastic wrecker’s yard near me recently had a public sale: I bought the gauges shown here. They were salvaged from a vintage Rolls Royce Corniche, c.1971. Yes- 70s vintage.

The temperature and fuel gauges [and their mounting frame- suitably time worn] are shown here on the left- but the piece de resistance is the wonderful RR speedometer – showing 130 MPH – big and black with a white font – spectacular!

On my side table I have displayed the three gauges [I do love gauges- see older posts below] and a model Trabant car – from my recent trip to Berlin. Surely there is no more ironic paring than the Trabant and a Rollers! But that’s the way I roll- mixing contemporary and vintage, and old and new. Irony is there in the mix- and this is the nearest I’ll ever get to a Rollers.

4 thoughts on “70s vintage

  1. Love the speedometer, reminds me of Dieter Rams clocks and the little ‘Trabi’ is a great contrast to the luxury Rolls, as well as being very attractive in itself.

  2. To combint Rolls Royce with a “Trabi” is funny. I remember driving inside one (I mean a Trabi) on a visit to the GDR in the mid-1970s. A very special feeling. Recently I had a colleague who, although not from the GDR himself at all, drove a Trabant just for the fun of it. The ones remaining have some cult status now (and of course there is a lot of very special GDR-retro stuff).

    • it must have been incredible being in east germany in the 70s- and travelling in a trabant! i went to the DDR museum in berlin and saw a trabant (made from cotton & fiberglass since metal unavailable due to expense- had 2 gears, 1 of which invarably wouldn’t work!) and yes, checked out all the GDR retro and bought some home…subject of a few posts below.

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