60s colours

60s coloursDevilled egg platter, made in Japan 1960s
Ceramic cat figurines, made in Japan 1960s

I love all these 60s colours together- are they fabulous? Although I can’t quite come at a devilled egg, that is indeed the purpose of this fantastic orange stencilled platter- to display the wondrous devilled egg. No 60s dinner party would be complete without one!

Similarly, the cat figurines graced many a 60s home. Abstract in form and vividly coloured, the Siamese figurine was a luxury item and considered avant garde. I’ve even seen a couple turn up on the set of Mad Men, now the storyline has moved into the 60s.

And the pineapple- fake and plastic and also wildly over-coloured- wouldn’t be out of place on your 60s dinner table- right next to the devilled eggs!

All are in good condition [importantly the platter has never been used and still has its original sticker of origin on the back.] This collection is for sale: $AUD70

Buy Now

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