Great Unknowns

transfer print tray and ceramic coastersGreat Unknowns
tray and ceramic coasters

It’s rare that I buy things that don’t have any provenance. But occasionally I do- on the basis that the things are beautiful, have great graphics -and in the certainty that I will be able to research their origins.

But not with this collection.

The tray- painted, with a transfer print and cane handles looks 60s to me. The image appeals to me in a rustic, urban design kind of way. It has no backstamp, and I can’t find anything about it after copious hours of research. [Ok, ten minutes on Google.]

The ceramic coasters- also look 60s. The stylised images are very 60s, and are beautifully made and glazed. The coasters are backed with felt, and so also have no backstamp. Again, after tireless research – nada.

What to do? All the pieces are in good condition. They are all great, but unknown.

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