Barrel mugs

MCP barrel mugsMCP barrel mugs
made in Sydney Australia, c.1940s

These barrel mugs are becoming quite rare- and sought after. MCP- Modern Ceramic Products -made them from the late 40s to the early 50s. The mugs were made in teal, yellow, green and blue. Here we see the teal and yellow colourings- and I have teamed them with a couple of sprigs of wattle that turns up in a quite a few of my images.

The mugs have an impressed stamp to the base that reads ‘MCP, Sydney No.122’. They are both in good condition – and whilst researching the mugs I found a single mug on Ebay selling for $40.

You might recall that I have featured MCP vases in two previous posts – I like the modernist forms of these vases. Check out those posts for more information on Modern Ceramic Products.

These mugs are for sale: $AUD50

Buy Now

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