40s Vintage timber rulers

Vintage timber rulesFrom top to bottom:
two folding carpenter’s rules
timber set square
rosewood scale ruler
timber & brass spirit level
boxwood scale ruler.

Granted the timber pieces do not show up well on my typical timber background. I don’t care. These are exceptionally lovely pieces, each one a beauty in its own right.

I use a scale rule in my work every day. They are now plastic – practical- and disposable. So I love and adore the scale rules of yesteryear…timber, hand-printed, beautifully crafted. I recently found an old triangular timber ruler from Manchester…oh joy [but not photographed in time for this set.]

Nostalgia works on so many levels. For me- it’s seeing the beauty of the precursors of today’s instruments. Handmade and hand-printed…and then worn down by handling.

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