Vintage timber planes

Vintage timber planesVintage timber planes
P E Parkes, Birmingham, moulding planes, made in Birmingham England, c.1900
Rosewood boat & compass planes, c.1910

I grew interested in planes – and traditional wood working tools -when I took a carpentry course. The lovely old man who sold me the boat and compass planes had used them throughout his working life, and had inherited them from his father- also a carpenter. He believed the planes had come from England, as he said that his father would never have bought Australian tools. They are both smoothing planes, but have lost their blades and have some broken and split sections, so they are now decorative only.

The set of four moulding planes is a different story. These are still in working order, with their plate irons intact. These planes are made from beech, and stamped with P E Parkes, Warranted, Birm, and the previous owner has gone crazy stamping his own name -L Grant- over any surface wide enough to take those 6 letters! I purchased the set from at a vintage tool auction because I loved the colour of the timber, and the repetition of form when the planes are stacked up next to each other.

This set is for sale: $AUD110

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4 thoughts on “Vintage timber planes

  1. I’m very impressed you took a carpentry course. I once had to teach a woodwork class to Year 10 boys for a term. I had no knowledge of working with wood, the memory still makes me shiver as does the word “plane”….

    • well, Jen, I do like to impress you. I took the course to help with renovations – I can boss the carpenters around a treat because I can throw around a few timber terms. But while it is delightful working with wood…I can see how Year 10 boys could make it more a trial than a pleasure.

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