50s Australiana

Namatjira printDown The Valley Towards Alice Springs, N.T.
Albert Namatjira print, Lennox Gallery, c.1950s

Albert Namatjira- a famous Indigenous painter- painted the work from which this print is taken in 1951. The print [“The surface hereof has been protected with a special transparent lacquer and may be cleaned with a damp sponge”] was made and framed by Lennox Gallery at some later date. [Presumably by someone with no regard for art but who liked clean surfaces.]

Albert Namatjira [1902-1959] was born near Alice Springs, and died aged only 57, at Alice Springs. Namatjira was a pioneer of contemporary Indigenous Australian art; his watercolours of outback desert landscapes departed from the highly symbolic style of traditional Aboriginal art whilst playing with incredibly vivid colours in an overtly ‘Western’ style.

In the 50s, even white Australia could hang a Namatjira print. He captured the 50s zeitgeist.

As a landscape architect [of certain nostalgic leanings] my drawing office is full of framed Namatjira prints. But nothing prepared me for the reality of seeing a whole room of original Namatjira paintings at the National Gallery of Australia. ABSOLUTELY incredibly vivid and totally over the top. Forget zeitgeist, the artist was a complete genius.

This ready-to-hang [sponge-proof] print is for sale: $AUD85

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