lettera typewriter [sold]

olivetti 'lettera' 1963Olivetti ‘lettera’ 32 typewriter
made in Barcelona, Spain 1963

The portable ‘lettera’ typewriter was designed by Marcello Nizzoli for Olivetti in 1963 and was made until 1975. It was a popular machine for journalists- and this was the baby Cormac McCarthy used to write his novels [well, not this exact one- his was sold in 2009 for $254,000. McCarthy bought it in 1963 for $50.]

The lettera features automatic ribbon reversal at the end of the spool [rather handy] and prints in black and red ink. The typewriter ribbon is still available for purchase and the ribbon in the machine is still good to go. The lettera comes in a stylish vinyl case [not pictured] which makes it truly portable and it is working perfectly – take it from an old touch typist.

There are a number of sites devoted to typewriters and typewriter collection: two good ones are: http://www.mytypewriter.com and http://www.oztypewriter.blogspot – the organ of the Australian Typewriter Museum in Canberra. Both sites speak highly of the lettera- it’s ‘beautiful and a work horse’.

A working lettera in its original case on Ebay is worth upwards of $475 – and I am loathe to part with it because it is such a fine machine.

For you, dear reader, it is offered for sale for $AUD325.

9 thoughts on “lettera typewriter [sold]

  1. What a beautiful colour. I’ve always wanted a vintage typewriter and as soon as I have space for one I will definitely get one.
    I will definitely check out the links you mentioned as I’d love to know more about the different types.

    • thanks- it is a great colour. the great thing about typewriters is using them for writing letters or cards- the script is a little wonky – the perfect antidote to computer text.

  2. Reminds me of a beautiful little Olivetti I bought in the 80s, a beige colour with dark brown and beige cover. Sadly I parted with it some years ago, wish I hadn’t, they are so well designed.

    • i hear your pain. i too parted with a funky little portable typewriter – i threw it over for a computer- and now wish i had it still. nothing messages as well as a typewriter!

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