Retro Australian nature books

Retro Australian nature booksPeriwinkle Colour Series
published in Melbourne, 1960s

Six books by John Child, part of the Periwinkle Colour series:


Trees of the Sydney Region, 1968
Wildflowers of the Sydney Region, 1968
Australian Insects, 1969
Collecting Specimens, 1969
Australian Alpine Life, 1969
Australian Sea Shells, 1965.

The books were published by Landsdowne Press in Melbourne, printed and bound in Hong Kong. They all have the same cover design: white font on a striking photograph; quite funky in the 60s. There were some fifteen books in the Periwinkle Colour Series, with John Child writing 9 of them. Still to collect are:
Australian Spiders, Australian Seashore Life and Australian Rocks & Minerals

The books are in a used condition [the botanical ones by me!] showing signs of prior use. For collectors of vintage Australian naturalist books, this set of six books is for sale: $AUD60

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