Vintage buttons

Vinage Australian buttonsBakelite and casein buttons
made in Australia c.1930s-1940s

Continuing the domestic arts / casein products theme, here is my collection of bakelite and casein buttons.

On the plate in the middle of the image are bakelite buttons that were salvaged from old clothes in the 30s [think Depression Era] and saved for re-use on new clothes. I bought these buttons from a very old lady who had done the salvaging, but never quite got round to the re-using. The buttons on the cards are casein with some on their original card [note that the brown buttons by Walkers are ‘boil-proof’!]

Vintage buttons are quite collectible- and remain quite functional too. This set is for sale: $AUD45

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4 thoughts on “Vintage buttons

  1. thanks- i’m partial to the green ones too. i am a sewer and had every intention of re-using these buttons but they are almost too beautiful to use…

  2. Oh wow. I have buttons like these and did not realize they were anything special. I guess I better quit using them on my crafty projects and give them a little more respect. Glad I came over to visit your blog

    • hi- i’m glad you visited my blog too- although repurposing vintage buttons on craft projects sounds like a great idea. i’d love to see what you are making…

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