Swallow casein knitting needles

Swallow casein knitting needlesSwallow casein knitting needles
made in Australia c.1950s

I learnt to knit using casein knitting needles- casein being an early 20th Century plastic product- they are renowned for being smooth, flexible and comfortable to use. Swallow has been making casein knitting needles since they introduced them to Australia in 1894. Casein is a milk-product, used in cheese making [and – obviously plastics] and as such these knitting needles are biodegradable- an early example of a recyclable product.

Casein lends itself to being coloured with dye- and these lovely 50s knitting needles evidence all the colours possible. Some of these needles were my mother’s- she bought them new in the 50s [some were never used and still have their original packaging] and the rest are additions I’ve found along the way. My stash of casein needles is now quite large! Together with my stash of tortoise shell knitting needles [see earlier posts] I could be considered somewhat of a knitting needle hoarder.

I prefer to sell the needles in groups of 20s- but if you are interested, let me known the colours and sizes you are after in an email.

20 pairs casein knitting needles for sale: $AUD70

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2 thoughts on “Swallow casein knitting needles

  1. I love how you always see the beauty in items we can take for granted. Keep it up. appreciate it. I like the colors. Also makes me think of the hands who have created items in the past.

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