Pates ‘half moon’ vases

Pates 'half moon' vasesPates Pottery half moon vases
made in Sydney, 1946-1956

These posey vases were made by Pates Pottery, which operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990. As you may have noticed, given the tenor of the posts of this blog, being a Sydneyite I have an affinity for the potteries here that were producing domestic ware in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

These two vases didn’t start out as a pair- but they exemplify the fashion of the day: buy one half now, and save up for another to make a pair later on. The drip glazes were different on each vase so it was easy to make a pair out of vases that may have been made a decade apart. The posey vases came in mottled shades of pink, yellow, brown and green- and could stand alone as a ‘half moon’ or be paired with another to make a ‘full moon’.

The deco styling of the vases is deliberate, although they were made much after that period; it seems nostalgia for things past [and styles familiar and remembered] has always influenced pottery makers.

Pates Pottery collectors rejoice: this set is in perfect condition and is for sale: $AUD55

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