60s cooking & table decoration

Cooking in the 60s!60s cooking

For all your 60s needs: an assortment of cookery cards, a cookery book and table decoration ideas. The 60s – a time when a book dedicated entirely to hamburgers could be published. What a decade! The NEW Hamburger Cookbook [obviously superseding the OLD one] has “365 Deliciously Different Recipes”. That’s a whole year of hamburgers! Count me in, and pass the tomato sauce!

Recipe cards were an invention of the 60s. More like recipe flash-cards, these recipes weren’t bound by the old-fashioned notion of a book. And to complement the recipes- decoration idea cards for every occasion. We have 60s Christmas table decorations, 60s birthday decorations and my favourite- 60s Valentine Day decorations. All in spooky hand-touched photographs.

This set comprises:

Australian Cheese and Wine: 20 Party Ideas recipe cards, 1968
Robert Carrier Cookery Cards, UK, 1967
The New Hamburger Book- 365 Deliciously Different Recipes, USA, 1965
Table Decoration Cards, 1964.

This set is for sale: $AUD65

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