Coasters! 70s coasters!

70s coastersI do love a good coaster. A pictorial coaster. A kitschy pictorial coaster. Something to laugh about before you place your cold bevvy on it- to protect the furniture.  And so for you today_ Canberra [always a funny subject] and Wildflowers of Australia.

The set of six [never been used] metal coasters depict Parliament House Canberra- which is now Old Parliament House having been superseded by Giurgola’s New Parliament House in 1988. But in the 70s it was still plain old Parliament House and Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister [1972-75] and all was right with the world.

The other set of 6 coasters [new and never been out of the plastic sleeve] have photographic images of Australian Wildflowers – as noted by the gold embossed captions. These, being intended as souvenirware- didn’t provide any more botanical detail- so it seems a few non-Australian plants have snuck in [tulips anyone?] Plus they have the super-realism that only wildly touched-up photos can have.

The two sets of coasters are for sale: $AUD35

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5 thoughts on “Coasters! 70s coasters!

  1. I adore vintage souvenirs! Coasters are always so much fun. I have a set of wooden souvenir coasters from Puerto Rico circa 1950s! So retro chic! ❤

    • hi- i love coasters too. not sure why- perhaps the weird kitschness / hokey tourist qualities. i would love to see what puerto rico 50s coasters look like!

      • There’s just something so cute about retro souvenirs! I like to create little stories in my head about where my items came from…

        Here’s a picture of the Puerto Rico Coasters:

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