Retro eggcups

Retro Japanese eggcupsRetro animal eggcups, made in Japan, c.1960s

A pair of retro eggcups- stamped made in Japan, but without a maker’s mark -which isn’t unusual for pottery coming out of Japan in the 50s and 60s.

While lots of people collect egg cups [they are small, can be collected singly and are still quite functional on the breakfast table] I have generally resisted. Until I came across this lovely pair- a rabbit and a dog; they are hand-painted in a fantastic minimalist style which I find quite endearing. And they make great posey-holders!

With Easter coming up, this pair would make a nice gift for the egg-cup collectors amongst you! The two egg-cups are in excellent condition and are for sale: $AUD35

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2 thoughts on “Retro eggcups

  1. I love egg cups but don’t really collect them. We have 8 I think but we use them. When I was little girl my mom used to make me soft boiled eggs and I had a cute egg cup. Sadly I have no clue what happened to it but it had the same look as yours- I think it was a lamb. My girls love when I make eggs like this!

    • laurie- absolutely- i love a nice soft-boiled egg! i don’t collect egg cups either-really- but couldn’t resist this pair. well, to be honest, i’m not great at resisting anything retro. i shall look out for a lamb and post it’s image to see if it brings back any memories for you!

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