50s Australiana souvenirware

Retro Australiana souvenirwareStudio Anna souvenir dishes, made in Sydney, Australia c.1953
Coronet souvenir dishes, made in Sydney, Australia c.1954

I am particularly drawn to kitsch pottery that has landscape or botanical images…souvenirware from the 50s is right up my street! I have posted Studio Anna pottery previously- you might remember that it was situated right near where I now live, in inner-Sydney.

The first three dishes- to the left of the image -are by Studio Anna; the Cornet plates are the funky blue plate with flannel flowers, and the shell-shaped dish which features a eucalypt flower. Coronet pottery was a small pottery that operated in Sydney between the wars.

The topmost dish, with a funky 50s hotel image [pool side perspective] is inscribed ‘Hayman Island’, which is a popular tourist destination in Queensland. The round, green dish under Hayman Island is inscribed “Lilac Time, Goulburn’ – a town featured recently on a silver tea strainer, and the last landscape dish is a view of ‘Hobart’. Having never been to Australia’s island state, I can’t attest to its 1950s accuracy, but it’s what I image Hobart would have [perhaps still does?] look like.

For Studio Anna collectors, Coronet enthusiasts, or souvenirware devotees – this collection is for sale: $AUD145

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