MCP vase

MCP peony vaseMCP peony vase # 256
made in Sydney, Australia c.1950s

MCP [Modern Ceramic Products] started production in the 1940s, in Redfern, Sydney. The simple geometric forms of the vases have a very modernist styling – and each vase has a highly textured exterior finish in white which contrasts with the smooth internal glaze. This two-toned aesthetic meant each vase could be made in a range of iterations- albeit along the 50s spectrum of baby blue, pastel pink and pastel yellow.

This fabulous vase is in the white texture /pastel pink combination. I have added some flowers to show how it works- it would also look great with four different flower selections in each of the quadrants. You might like to see my original MCP collection…review it in the SOLD tab above…for other examples of this beautiful pottery.

I do love Sydney pottery of the 50s and 60s and find it very hard to part with them. Modernism in pottery is becoming increasingly hard to find…I think I may have to keep this one.

8 thoughts on “MCP vase

    • hey nannus! yep, fantastic design. i wish i could find out more about the designer- but all research has lead me to is the pottery- MCP – no info on the actual designer/ceramicist.

    • i hear you! not fond of pastels myself, but the 50s funky spaceship shape makes the choice of pink/white seem quite appealing. something to do with this clash of ideas? it has wormed it’s way into my affections….

    • yes, thanks, but the purpose of the blog is try to divest myself of some of these lovely, beautiful and gorgeous pieces. the trouble is…i photograph them and then rediscover them all over again- and then want to keep them! if only i lived in a museum…

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