Marquis speckled bakelite [sold]

Marquis bakeliteMarquis speckled bakelite
made in Australia c.1940s

Speckled bakelite is different to end-of-day bakelite. If you’ve been paying attention, end-of-day bakelite was formed from all the left over bits of bakelite, whereas speckled bakelite was made by a different technique- specifically to match the speckled bakelite pieces coming out of America.

Speckled bakelite was pre-mixed; two colours were chosen [mostly a colour and contrasting white] to simulate a speckled egg [no less] – and also – functionally- to disguise discolouration in the coloured bakelite. Bakelite made in the 30s was known to break down when continuously exposed to sunlight or hot temperatures/liquids. It was thought that the speckled bakelite would last longer – and could be sold as an alternative to solid colour bakelite.

This Marquis plate and scoop have a lovely red/white speckled colouring, and are for sale: $AUD45

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