Carlton Ware ‘Redcurrant’

Carlton Ware 'Redcurrant' platesCarlton Ware ‘Redcurrant’ plates
made in England 1935-1961

‘Redcurrant’ was also part of Carlton Ware’s Salad Ware series. The smaller, hand painted plate [yellow ground decorated with embossed red currants, brown ‘tree branch’ handle, stamped # 1637] was made in the thirties, whilst the larger, unpainted plate [except, curiously, the branch handle]- was produced during the war.

The whole range of Carlton Ware embossed floral plates is thus – if it is unpainted, it was produced during the war years. The Redcurrant series though was produced right up until the early 60s.

The two plates are in excellent condition, and are for sale: $AUD45

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