Pina colada!

Anchor Hocking amber glass jug & glass setAnchor Hocking amber glass juice set
made in U.S.A., 1974

I have ventured into Anchor Hocking territory before, although I don’t collect glass nearly as much as ceramics [see my Anchor Hocking pedestal cake stand post – it’s fantastic; avocado green!] – and I do prefer the 60s to the 70s. BUT…how to say no to an intact amber glass juice set?

The pattern is ‘basket-weave’, such a stalwart design of the 70s. And I know the provenance, since it is another gift from my sister-in-law who now aids and abets my collecting. Enables, even. This set has never been used; it’s pristine and just waiting for that pina colada! Or, ok, fruit juice.

This set is for sale: $AUD60

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3 thoughts on “Pina colada!

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