Happy New Year!

Vintage Hohner Melodica SopranoHohner ‘Melodica’ Soprano
made in Germany 1956

Happy New Year to you all! Today for your delectation, I have another vintage purchase from my travels in Berlin. This ‘mouth organ harmonica’ [the original, and quite frankly clumsy description of this instrument] is a delight to play. The delight being that anyone who can blow can play this instrument! Any combination of keys makes a fantastic accordion sound. You go from unknown musician to funky jazz maestro with the first note.

Hohner stopped production of the Melodica in the late 50s and the instruments are now very collectible. I bought the Melodica for my son who is studying music production at university- and I look forward to hearing it in his next composition [hint, not-so-subtle-hint.]

The Melodica has been teamed with a retro retail decoration device, probably from the 60s but with its deco styling it sort of suits the jazz association with the instrument.

I hope you have a blast in 2014!

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