Apostle spoons

Apostle spoonsApostle Spoons
made in Sheffield, silver plate c.1920s

Apostle spoons are notoriously hard to identify – and weirdly enough- came in sets of ten, not 12. Surely there were 12 apostles? But only ten fitted into the box, so they were sold in 10s.

These silver plated spoons produced in the 20s are well known reproductions of original spoons produced in the Middle Ages- sets of thirteen spoons with Jesus included [and his spoon was always bigger.]

Each apostle spoon is supposed to represent one of the apostles, but after so many years and use, all the small differences in the apostles are hard to see [without the aid of a magnifying glass.] St. Peter carries keys to heaven; St. Thomas has a spear; St. Matthew carries a tax collector’s money bag- that sort of thing.

The spoons are hallmarked ESPN [silver plate] and the set of ten spoons is for sale: $AUD80.

[Our lady, glow-in-the-dark, c.1950 looks on. I think she’s quite impressed with the spoons.]

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13 thoughts on “Apostle spoons

    • hi mary- i’m glad that i could introduce you to something new. you’ll have to keep your eye out for apostle spoons from now on. the holy grail [so to speak] is to get the set of 13 that includes jesus.

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