Nally canisters

Nally kitchen canistersNally nested kitchen canisters
made in Australia 1960s

Here we have the R [rice] T [Tea] and C [coffee] containers- made from the new-fangled rigid plastic moulding process in the 60s by Nally. A new innovation, rigid moulding went on to replace bakelite in the production of kitchen canisters. This would have been originally a set of 5: the F [flour] and S [sugar] having gone AWOL.

Whatever, kitchen canisters are still highly collectible. I like to think the RTC set stands for Real Time Capacity. Or Regional Transport Commission. It’s up to you what you store in the R, T, C canisters. Roses, Tiramisu, Candy. Just some suggestions.

This set of 3 canisters is for sale: $AUD45

Buy Now

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