More Berlin collecibles

Berlin miniature railways scale modelsGerman scale railway models
made in Berlin c. 1930-40s

Another flashback to my recent travels in Berlin – I couldn’t resist these miniature railway buildings. So German – so 40s- so cute. So finely crafted and so fragile. They survived being packed and shipped back to us in various bits of clothing- and now sit very happily on top of a dresser.

I was interested to note that Berliners don’t seem to place the same value on vintage things – and particularly ‘German’ vintage things -that I do. Perhaps it has to do with the city still being under renewal and finding its final form. The things I love and collect- bakelite, school maps, mid-century pottery – I found them all and more. And these railways model buildings are so detailed and so- so- German.

2 thoughts on “More Berlin collecibles

    • they are super-sweet. i think- surmise- that since berlin’s history goes back into the early middle-ages that mid-century modernist stuff just doesn’t attract the same cache. and yes- got them for a bargain price and then paid 200x that price to ship them home. but they arrived in one piece- for which we praise the post office saints,

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